[Picspam] My Worlds and ‘Hoods!

According to Origin, I’ve played the Sims 4 for just over 25 hours since buying it. I have spent all that time faffing about with placing and moving and replacing lots in the different worlds and ‘hoods. I’m finally happy enough with it to move on to actually playing, so I wanted to show what I’ve done with the hoods so far. I’m still getting used to the camera controls so the pictures aren’t great, but here they are anyway. In the case of downloaded lots, I’ve listed the usernames on the in-game exchange/community (unless otherwise specified with a link) of the creators in bold. If I’ve mixed any of them up, let me know.

Willow Creek

I found Willow Creek the hardest to decorate, which is weird because I was originally just gonna use that world before I realized Sims can move between worlds. I didn’t change the commercial district but other than that I struggled to make my mind up. I’m pretty happy now though.
Magnolia Blossom
I replaced the Magnolia Blossom park with this rad city center lot by Sunniva88.
04-09-17_9-18-38 PM
I really love this lot, so cute and such a lot of things to do!

Sage Estates
I didn’t keep either of the lots here. Instead, I placed Magnolia Blossom park here (well, you can sort of see it in the back of the picture), and a downloaded lot.
04-09-17_9-28-15 PM
The downloaded lot is a gorgeous house by Illawara_Crumpet. Can’t wait to have a Sim rich enough to use it, hah!

Pendula View
This ‘hood was hard to decorate. I’m still not completely happy but it’ll have to do for now.
04-09-17_9-31-00 PM
I really like the waterpark by Starbird7231 but I’m not sure if it’s the right choice for this spot. The large house is by JessBuilds, the small one by Plasticbox (at MTS) and the fourth lot is a Maxis park.

Courtyard Lane
This hood was even harder to decorate than Pendula View. I like all the lots I picked but I still don’t really like the hood. It just feels a bit… plain. It doesn’t really have a “thing” going for it.
04-09-17_9-36-11 PM
The lots are by JemmaPatel, Little_Crude, SophiaNB002 and two by Plasticbox.

Foundry Cove
This is probably my favorite ‘hood in Willow Creek. It’s just so cute!
04-09-17_9-34-54 PM
Four of the lots are by Plasticbox (yes, I’m a big Plasticbox fan!) and the final one is a Maxis lot.

Oasis Springs

I changed a lot of stuff in Oasis Springs too, though I kept a fair few of the lots. I didn’t touch the commercial district at all, for now anyway.

Desert Bloom Park
I didn’t like the park lot, so I swapped it for this cool waterpark by HeidieExtreme.
04-09-17_9-45-09 PM

Acquisition Butte
For this neighorhood, I added a Maxis lot from elsewhere in the world, and also a park.
04-09-17_9-46-24 PMThe park is by paogae. I’m not sure it’s 100% right for the spot (and the desert terrain), but it’ll do for now.
Skyward Palms
I left this ‘hood relatively unchanged, just switched a couple of the lots for other Maxis lots in the same style.
04-09-17_9-43-52 PM
Parched Prospects
This neighborhood has 3 Maxis lots (not all in their original position), a café and a downloaded residential building.
04-09-17_9-56-05 PM

The café is by Akelikat and the large, modern house by metaforra.

Bedrock Strait
This ‘hood turned out very modern in style, which isn’t usually what I go for but I thought it fit. The large residential is Maxis, moved from Willow Creek.
04-09-17_9-47-42 PM
The big building up top is a very cool cinema by MISS_SPaRKL32 and the three smaller residentials are by Uncle-Thore, SimsOrigin1987 and ruthless_kk. I think I tweaked the colors a bit on a couple of them…


I’m not actually sure which neighborhood is which in Newcrest, since it’s not on the Wikia, so the neighborhood names might be switched below but whatever.

Llama Lagoon
I’m really happy with how this neighborhood turned out! It’s got a library, a museum, a church, a park/community garden and a single residential lot. The latter is Maxis.
04-09-17_10-01-12 PM
The awesome library (which is also sort of a rec center and stuff) is by Loems. You can’t see it very well in the picture but it’s super rad. The museum (the partly green building) is by LaurenIsSilly with tiny tweaks by me. The church is by Ashoram1, but I put it on (iirc) a slightly bigger lot and flipped it to face the corner, then set up a graveyard behind it. The community garden is by Phoenix9393.

This neighborhood ended up sort of color themed: browns and greens. I’m pretty happy about that, heh.
04-09-17_10-05-11 PM

All the lots are by Plasticbox (one is a Maxis revamp).

Ridgeline Drive
This was a weird neighborhood to do because of the layout. It sort of turned into my vaguely gothic street, with a night club right in the middle. I considered having it be all community lots but since the world already had so many community lots I decided against it.04-09-17_9-58-13 PMThe park and nightclub are Maxis, the two houses to the right are by Plasticbox and the one on the left is by Kulthero777.
So those are my worlds right now! I look forward to playing in them.

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