My 5 first Sims (and their lots).

When I bought and installed the Sims 4 (after being on the fence for a long time about whether to get it), I first spent a lot of time carefully selecting lots for my worlds and neighborhoods (as you can see in this post). Once that, at long last, was finished I realized that I had no idea where to start when it came to actually playing the game. I’ve never been one for playing the pre-made Maxis families, and with the Sims 2 I had one overly complicated idea after another, always ending up with more Sims than I could handle without feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to keep Sims 4 a bit simpler than that, but nevertheless I wanted some kind of starting conceit that would give me a jumping-off point for what sorts of Sims to begin with. While I was pondering this, I realized I only had 5 starter lots across the 3 worlds (Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and Newcrest, since I so far only have the base game). I decided to let those 5 lots determine how I started playing, by making one single Sim for each lot and loosely basing their personalities on what the houses were like. Here they are:

Erik Lundin (in a modern starter by SimsOrigin1987 on the exchange)

This lot made me think of an ambitious, career-oriented Sim and I ended up creating aspiring Manor Baron Erik Lundin. There was something about his appearance (especially in his blue-and-yellow swimtrunks) that made me think of him as being Swedish, so I gave him a Swedish name. Here’s him outside the lot:

05-24-17_8-10-57 PM

Erik is Ambitious, Business Savvy, a Perfectionist and a Snob. Which, to be honest, I think this picture illustrates well:

05-24-17_8-17-11 PM

I didn’t notice that dino in the background at first and now this cracks me up so much. I’ve started Erik off in the Business career, and look forward to trying to make him rich.

Louisa Reeves (in an adorable house by plasticbox on ModTheSims)

This lot made me think of a outgoing Sim with an active social life. Friend of the World Louisa Reeves ended up looking a little different than I’d imagined, so I redecorated the lot a bit to suit her personality and color scheme. And by redecorated, I mean that I made some things purple. Here’s the lot:

05-24-17_7-03-21 PM

Louisa is Gregarious, Outgoing, Cheerful and a Music Lover.

05-24-17_7-02-40 PM

Isn’t she cute, dancing around in her bedroom? I have no idea what I’m gonna do with her yet, except make sure she has a lot of friends!

Eliza Clarke (in a large, modern starter by ruthless_kk on the Exchange)

This lot is modern but quite big and made me family oriented, neat Sim. That Sim turned out to be Eliza Clarke, who I accidentally made sort of match her house. Oh well! Here’s the lot:

05-24-17_8-05-07 PM

Eliza Clarke is a Domestic, Active, Neat Foodie, who wants to have a Successful Lineage. Here she is enjoying her first meal in her new home:05-24-17_8-01-52 PM

She thought it was okay. Apparently part of her very first aspiration goals is to buy lots of kid items, so I get the feeling she’s gonna be finding a partner real soon, one way or another.

Aaron Avery (in a quaint, cute starter by plasticbox on ModTheSims)

The final lot made me think of an outdoorsy, creative Sim and thus super cutie and Freelance Botanist Aaron Avery was born/made. Here’s his lot:

05-24-17_8-27-13 PM

Aaron is Creative Bookworm, Loner and Collector. He’s gonna be setting up a garden in the free space at the side of the lot. It’s gonna be rad.

05-24-17_8-26-20 PM

Look at him being cute! We’ll see what he does besides planting and painting.

Bree Richards (in a stylish starter by plasticbox on ModTheSims)

This lot made me think of an introvert with a lot of hobbies, which sort of turned into a general geek Sim as I was making Nerd Brain Bree Richards. She’s super adorable! Here’s the lot:

05-24-17_6-34-18 PM

Bree is a Quick Learner, a Goofball, a Geek and a Loner. Of course, when I moved her in I bought her a computer (though so far she’s been more interested in the bookshelf).

05-24-17_6-43-07 PM

I didn’t really mean to have two Loner Sims, but I had forgotten that I’d given Aaron that trait. I kind of want them to hook up now, hah! But we’ll see what happens with that, and with everything else, once I get to playing properly. I can’t wait!


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